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Hey! I’m Alex.

This is my blog to write obessively about my passions in programming, task lists, and anything else that excites me. I also have a passion for whiskey, but you can read about that at my whiskey blog, Whiskey Flight.

I am a software engineer over at Stitch Fix where I work on the finance engineering team. There I get to embrace my love of Rails applications in a micro-services system.

I got my start in programming by playing with Linux off and on and wanting to learn how to make an Arduino do something cool. Pretty soon, I found Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby, and that’s where I fell in love with Ruby. It was a slow start learning programming, but with lots of self learning and some helpful mentors along the way, it became more than a hobby.

I’m usually found in a coffee shop, eating Tex Mex, or trying to dig into open source projects. From time to time, I like to blog, although I currently have more drafts than published blogs. I gave a talk at Railsconf, and I hope to give more soon. You can find me on Twitter or on Github.