Why I love Rust

There's a lot of talk about Rust, but it can be a mystery to people who haven't tried it. This is my take on why Rust is important and why I love it.

Perusing the Rails Source Code

Here are some steps you can take to explore the inner workings of Rails and gain context on its design. Understanding how Rails works will allow you to write better Rails applications and better Ruby code.

2017 First Quarter: Focuses Instead of Goals

This post takes a step back from Goals to see a bigger picture with focuses. Rather than micro-manage my future self, I set the direction and figure out what that means along the way.

A Linux Primer: What to Know & Where To Start

This blog guides you through the nontechnical basics of Linux, what all the different distributions are, and how to try out Linux without messing up your current setup.

Ruby on Rails Lingo

Ruby on Rails is a great framework for building web applications. But, there are a lot of unfamiliar terms that come with a new tool. This blog covers many of the terms common in Rails Web Development.