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A Little About Me

I am a native Texan, born and raised in the Panhandle, and it is home to my family. I love coffee, and it inspires most of my side projects: See Hopper below. I love to blog, specifically about making things I have learned to make them more approachable to others. It’s easy to do because they’re things I’m passionate about: Rails, Vim, and Linux to name a few.

What I Do For Fun

I love coffee, and I’ve happily used it as inspiration for several(most(pretty much all)) of my projects.


Hopper | A Roasting Queue for Coffee Roasters

Hopper Details

Backend:Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL


Testing:Cucumber, RSpec

Tools:Github, CircleCi, Heroku

For a coffee roaster, an order of coffee must be broken down from the bags sold to the weight of coffee to be roasted. Hopper does precisely that. It pulls orders from a Shopify store and breaks them down into the amounts of each type of bean that need to be roasted for the day, factoring in blend ratios and the weight loss that beans will have when they are roasted.

Brewing Calculator

Coffee Brewing Calculator

Calculator Details

Tools:HTML, Javascript


Brewing coffee right is more than pouring water on coffee grinds, and the ratio of water to coffee can make a big difference in a cup of coffee. I built Evocation Coffee a brewing calculator on their website so that customers can be as precise as Evocation when brewing coffee at home. The calculator remembers the last value put in and changes all other values as you change measurements, i.e. ounces to grams.

Ruby on Rails Issues Team

Recently I joined the Ruby on Rails Issues Team. As a team member, I get to remove roadblocks for the core members and other contributors by reproducing issues, finding their root, and seeing if old tickets are still relevant. It’s not stuff that will get me on the Contributors graph, but it’s how I can make the biggest impact while learning about the cracks that need filling in Rails. You can see my submitted pull requests here.

RailsConf 2017 Talk

In 2017, I had the opportunity to go to my first tech conference and also give a talk about Perusing the Rails Source Code. It was a fantastic experience and something I plan to do many times over again.


I have had the opportunity to build several Wordpress sites both in my role at Expio Consulting and on the side. From January 2013 to July 2015, I also provided SEO services for over 30 clients.

“You were a big part of these successes. . . WRCA, WhitneySmith, and Star Wellness, all with impressive results from 2014-2015. WRCA had 40,000 clicks from Organic(Search) in 2014. Over 85,000 in 2015!” - Joshua Godsey, Operations, Expio Consulting

Guetho Texas BJJ

Spotlight: Guetho Texas BJJ - Site and SEO

Site Details


SEO Focus:Local Listings, Reviews

Analytics:Google Analytics, Search Console

Guetho Texas BJJ was started by a Brazilian named Rafael who came to Amarillo to teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It's a less flashy studio than other Martial Arts studios and more of a place for the BJJ community to get together and practice. Rafael had to return to Brazil, so it is now run by a group that decided to keep it running. They went from only a Facebook presence to a new website and the lead in local rankings for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Working Ranch Cowboys Association
In 2013, I redesigned the website and started Search Engine Optimization for the Working Ranch Cowboys Association. WRCA has become #1 ranked website in the United States for “Ranch Rodeo” and other critical keywords on Google.

Search:100% Organic Traffic Increase

Top Ranking:“ranch rodeo”, “ranch cowboy”, and others

WhitneySmith Company
In Summer 2014, we launched WhitneySmith Company’s new website, and I provided continuous SEO services. We saw almost immediate return in the number of Search visits.

Traffic:48% Organic, 54.5% Total Traffic Increase

Interaction:63% Increase in Pageviews