Current Employer and Projects

Herring Bank

Ruby on Rails Developer, Amarillo, TX | Apr 2016 - present

I work in a small team who builds products for colleges to accept and give payments to students. The applications are built with Rails and interact with several legacy Java Applications.

Projects include:

  • Building a Rails support application for our most profitable product. This will save support in time and give us insight into what the product is doing.
  • Developing and maintaining a payment gateway tool that schools use for various purposes, including: Donations, Bookstores, etc.
  • Providing assistance on several Ruby on Rails applications by adding features and working on issues.

Rails Issues Team

Apr 2017 - present

I triage issues in GitHub for Rails by providing reproduction steps, assigning them to relevant team members, and closing them. This cuts down on the amount of work core members and contributors have to do to fix an issue.

Talk: Railsconf 2017 - Perusing the Rails Source Code

Past Employers

Merrick Pet Care (Contractor)

SQL Reporting, Amarillo, TX | Jul 2015 - Apr 2016

I assisted the Database Administrator and IT Director with building Reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Xcel Energy

System Applications Intern, Amarillo, TX | Jul 2015 - Apr 2016

Xcel served as a gateway to local development positions by adding some professional experience to my resume. I managed Real Time Calculations in a GE SCADA System to monitor electrical Substations.

Development Projects included:

  • Rewriting a Java program to modify XML data. I helped make the program portable by allowing IO configuration through command line arguments.
  • Building a Microsoft Access database to import XML data and query data for multiple departments.

Expio Consulting

Operations Manager/Web/SEO, Amarillo, TX | Feb 2012 - Jul 2015

I oversaw all projects and tasks to ensure we were meeting all of our promises in a timely manner. I developed websites for clients with a focus on calls-to-action and content/design.

Projects included:

  • Transferring website development in-house which improved response time to customers, decreased Expio’s expenses, and improved client retainment. I served as lead for all website development services.
  • Improving Expio’s Service Packages by learning and providing Search Engine Optimization for clients. Website Development & SEO was 46% of Expio’s monthly revenue by June 2015. I served as lead for SEO services and consulting.
  • Leading all projects and ongoing services that Expio provides. I got us all using a central project management tool for staff through Asana. This cut down on team emails and improved the team’s tracking and completion of client promises and actions. It also served as a quick overview of each team member’s responsibilities. I acted as the instructor for Asana and have consulted other companies on how to use Asana effectively.